How Fast Can John Chow Solve A Rubik’s Cube?

Probably faster than you lol.

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  1. BigMan Said,

    Never seen that one, feels like he has done that a few times :)

  2. Michael Kwan - Freelance Writer Said,

    I’ve never solved the Rubik’s Cube. Sad, I know.

  3. Ms.Caesi Said,

    John Chow is a pretty smart guy but the video looks a little bit edited. If you watch closely it looks like the video starts and stops several times. Regardless of whether he completed the cube in 1.5 min or 5 hours, he is still ahead of me. I’ve had my cube since 1987 and it still has never been solved. haha.


  4. John Chow Said,

    There was no editting. I’ve solved the cube in as fast as 17 seconds before.

  5. Jagular Said,

    If you did it in 17 seconds using the corners first method, you got totally lucky. lol
    Most corners first methods will take a good 90 to 100 face turns for the average solve.

    Still, good job. I average about thirty seconds myself, which is about what it looks like you are doing here.

    I use a bastardized UL, ML, LL method that I made up back in the original Rubiks cube craze days in the early eighties.

  6. Jagular Said,


    Here’s a video of me doing it at right about thirty seconds.

  7. Natron Said,

    Those have to be one of the most god awful hard puzzles to solve.