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Comforter - Take to the Cleaners!

Well I learned the hard way today that you should always take your comforter to the cleaners to get cleaned. Having just moved in and being excited that I now have access to a washer/dryer in my apartment, I decided it would be a good idea to wash my comforter. In the washing machine it goes… then when it’s time to move things to the dryer, we discovered the machine had ripped two large holes in my plush micro suede comforter. Grrr, that thing was expensive!

A trip to Wal-Mart was in order for a replacement… just what I wanted to do, spend more money :(

Why Is Cable Service So Difficult To Get?


I have been on the phone for over an hour with the cable company that serves my area.

First, I tried the 800 number and talked to some lady. She wasn’t able to find the apartment complex in the computer. Umm, are you serious? It has been here for several years and odds are, someone else that lives here has cable too!

So, I try back again, talk to a different lady… same problem. I get the number for the local office and try giving them a call. No sir - you can’t even speak to someone there unless you know your extension number. Wow.

I then called the leasing office here to make sure I had the correct address… yep. I try back to the 800 number again and get put on hold for 18 minutes before I hung up. I call back a final time and ask to talk to a manager or supervisor, only to learn that they leave at 5pm. Well gee, if I had known that I wouldn’t have wasted the last hour getting absolutely nothing done…

As Anticipated…

As I had anticipated, I “lost” the Fuel My Blog photo contest.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not a sore loser. It just irritates me that things were not done fairly. The first mistake with the contest was displaying each persons vote in a comment. This allowed people to make duplicate posts and these were actually counted as legit, which is why I lost.

Oh well, I’m not mad I lost, just that I was cheated…

BTW, feel free to check out the contest page and count the votes for yourself. Keep in mind votes from anonymous users were not counted.

New OCIA.net T-Shirt Design

The contest I was holding for a new T-Shirt design is over and I have selected a winner!


I might change a few things on the back… but I love the front! I am hoping to get the design over to a t-shirt company here soon. Soooo, who all is interested!?

I am not looking to make any money off these - you’d only pay price plus shipping. I’m sure I could give you a nice plug on here if you were to purchase a shirt. I might even come up with some sort of discount if you post a picture of you wearing the shirt :)

A Case Of Bad Timing

This is just the kind of story that defines my life. I purchased my new laptop last weekend in Memphis. Little did I know, this past weekend was “tax-free weekend” in Memphis on school supplies and computers! Had I only waited seven more days, I would have saved $117 :(

Stuff like this happens to me all the time. So much so that I’ve considered writing my own book entitled “Point & Laugh”. Would be an instant bestseller because, hey, you can’t make this stuff up! It’s that bad haha

Selling My Stuff

I will be moving into my new apartment in less than three weeks. The race to get rid of as much of my “stuff” as possible is on! Some of the stuff I kinda wanted to keep, but since I don’t want to rent a storage room for 15 months… oh well. So far, I have one guy looking to buy my entertainment center and laptop and another friend considering my “plush ass couch”.

I have had the entertainment center for almost three years. I think it was around $200 new, so I’m asking $100 for it. The laptop I bought late last year for $900 and added more memory and swapped out the hard drive for a faster one. Total invested, about $1200 or so… asking $500. The couch is less than a year old and I paid over $800 for it… asking $300.

Yeah, I’m losing a bunch of money… but what else am I to do? Can’t take the stuff with me and like I said, don’t wanna put it in storage because A) that costs money and B) it would probably get ruined.

I also have a nice futon I am trying to sell. Paid over $400 for it… would be nice to get at least $150 or so. :(

Spring Weather Sucks

Yey, I’m right in the middle of this line of storms… I thought I lucked out as a different storm system hit earlier tonight, but it was further north.  :(

New Apartment

I will be moving into my new apartment at the beginning of May. I currently live in a 2 bedroom “family” apartment on campus. These apartments were built in the 50’s and have served as the married / family housing for several years. Well, seeing as I am no longer married, technically I shouldn’t be living here. But the people in the housing department understood my situation and allowed me to stay here.

Everything was great until last fall when word broke that the school would be tearing down all of these apartments in May of 2007 to build a new law school. The school claimed the apartments were “substandard” and it would cost too much to renovate them. Thus, they sent all of the residents an email informing them of the closure and offering no other living arrangements. Very classy.

So, the pressure was on and I was really in a bind. If I wanted to finish school, I would need to live close to campus since I do not have a vehicle. There is only one apartment complex close enough to still make the trip to and from class. These apartments aren’t your usual apartments, however.

All of the apartments are 4 bedroom, and instead of you having your own place, you “rent” your bed space. I really don’t like the idea of living with three other strangers but if I wanted to finish school, I didn’t have any other choice. So not seeing any other viable options, I went ahead and signed a lease a few months ago, that way I would be guaranteed a place to live come May.

Now, considering I have the worst luck ever… I get a letter in the mail a few weeks later from the school saying they won’t be tearing down ALL of these apartments and mine just happened to be one that would survive. Gee, thanks for telling me that now, after I’ve already signed a lease at the other place.

My biggest fear is getting in with three other people that are nothing like me. The apartment staff tries to match roommates based on a personality sheet that you fill out, but I still have my doubts. Each bedroom has a lock on the door, but that won’t make me feel any safer about leaving all of my computer stuff in there when I am not home.

But I suppose it does have its advantages. The price is very cheap, only $400 per month that includes all utilities, cable and high-speed internet. That is about $150 cheaper than any other 1 bedroom apartment in town. Also, it is 10x nicer than this crummy 1950’s spider infested place I am at now. Plus I will still be close enough to campus to get stuff done there, such as mailing out packages at the post office, eating at the student union, etc.  That, and I will be “home” most of the time anyway since I won’t have school to worry with.

Now, my real dilemma: what do I do with all of my ’stuff’? I have a 2 bedroom apt. full of furniture, and just random stuff… all of which won’t fit in a small bedroom. The only things I will be using at the new place is my full size bed and a table to put all of my computer stuff on, and perhaps a dresser.

I could rent a storage facility and keep most of my stuff there, since I will only be at the new apartment for a year. But, that costs money and stuff tends to get ruined in storage. My current plan is to sell most of the big stuff; my plush couch that I paid over $800 for :( , entertainment center and a full size futon. I will try to box up most of the little stuff that I don’t want to part with (photo albums, stuff like that). As for the rest of my random stuff… who knows. I have several old computer cases that will likely see the trash can, as well as three drawers full of random computer accessories. I also have no place for stuff like dishes and silverware… Any ideas???

School: Will I Graduate?

Here lately I have really started second-guessing my latest plan as far as school goes. Let me give you a quick background which leads up to where I am today.

I graduated high school in 2001 and didn’t do much of anything for the next two years (besides website stuff). At that time I never planned to go to college and really didn’t have much of an idea what I wanted to do with my life. I enrolled at the University of Mississippi in the fall of 2003 as a computer science major. Truth be known, one of the main reasons I decided to enroll was to follow my girlfriend who was enrolling at the same time… that, and just get away from a home life that was less than stellar.

Things went well from the beginning, although it became clear that computer science wasn’t what I thought it was. Computer science = programming 24/7. I had taken a few programming classes in high school but nothing major, so I decided to stick with it and see how things would play out.

Two years later I found myself in my junior year and I was in serious trouble. Computer science simply wasn’t for me. I’d come to hate programming with a passion; it just didn’t “click” with me and seriously gave me a headache. Oh, and the math requirements for that major… yeah, not going to happen. Math isn’t one of my strong subjects to begin with. I took Calculus 1 twice and failed both times. I was done with computer science.

I tried “management information systems” for a semester but found it was more difficult than computer science. I hit the course catalog once again and stumbled upon journalism. I am not sure why I never thought about journalism before, but right away I knew I had found something.

Think about it for a moment: my main reason in selecting computer science was because, well, it was computer-related and I thought it might help me with my tech site. Well clearly that didn’t happen. Writing is a key ingredient in running a successful review site, so it just made since that journalism was the thing for me. I took the first two intro courses in the spring of 2006 and absolutely loved it!

Now, a new problem arose. Would I still be able to graduate “on time”, which is May of this year. Simply put, no. I was so far behind that it was impossible to cover all the ground I had lost wasting my time with computer science, but I was determined to get as close as possible. I took three classes last summer and had a full schedule in the fall. I had to change my graduation date to December 2007 and all was looking bright… well, sorta.

Completing the requirements for the major in journalism wouldn’t be a problem. What is a problem, however, is my foreign language and minor requirements. I am required to have two classes at the 200 level or above in a foreign language. I am in my first Spanish class this semester. The plan is to take Spanish 102 and 201 over the summer and finish up with 202 in the fall to complete the requirements. Not a big deal, just a lot of work. The real problem is my minor, which would be computer science since I had already taken four of the six required courses. I am taking C++ programming this semester and wow, I couldn’t be more lost. Everyone else in the class seems to be chugging along without issue, while I struggled and ultimately failed to get my first assignment completed. I can tell you right now, I will not be able to pass this class… much less the one after it.

So, I’m pretty much at a deciding point here…

First, the bad stuff. A) I have wasted four years of my life and will not have a diploma to show for it. B) I spent a ton of money on school these four years; I won’t get that back. C) I have wasted a ton of valuable time; time that I could have spent on other projects in my life. D) I could change my minor and still graduate, but that would take another year at the least. E) My eligibility for financial aid and other scholarships ends this semester, so if I was to continue, it would all be at full cost to me. News flash: I’m not rich.

Now, for the good things. A) I can quit worrying with school and focus my full attention on running OCIA.net. I am pleased with where the site is heading now and only wish I had more time to invest in it. Did I mention I absolutely love running the site? It is my dream job and I don’t see myself doing anything else in the near future. I planned to run the site full time after graduation anyway. So, with that said, B) getting a degree will do me no good. To me, it will just be a piece of paper that says “Hey I know what I am doing and I spent a lot of money to prove it to you with this piece of paper”. I will never use a journalism degree; I have no desire to work for a newspaper, magazine or television station. C) Sure I won’t get a diploma, and I have wasted time and money… but maybe not as much as it seems. Think about it… I have still learned the same amount from college, with out without a degree. Also, I have had a place to live the past four years. I have no clue where I would be living if I hadn’t come to school.

So here I am… left with this decision. That decision gets easier as each day passes… I realize I can’t get a minor in computer science; that’s probably the biggest thing holding me back. And yes, I already know its completely stupid to get “so close” then quit… but seriously, what would you do? Please feel free to comment…

Warmth… Why Must It Elude Me?

Allow me to set the scene for you:  I wake up at 7 a.m. to a freezing cold apartment.  The 1950s era heating system has long since needed to be replaced, but since the school is tearing down these apartments in May… why bother.  So, regardless of the fact that I have the thermostat set to 80 F, it remains a chilly 67 F throughout the apartment.  So, I head to class… 15 minute outdoor trip in 20-something degree cold ass weather.  I get to class, very cold, only to find it canceled… so I head back home, another 15 minutes… only to arrive back at my cold apt.  I made this back-and-forth trip to and from the center of campus three times today, one for each class… so thats a total of 90 minutes out in the bare cold.  No worries, I’ll be fine.  9 p.m. rolls around, yey shower time aka time to get warm!  No sir, not today… all I get is freezing cold water!  grrr…  And as I write this, fingers shaking from the cold, I am now off to my bed… the one place that I know will warm me up (thanks to the electric heated mattress cover)…