OCIA.net - How It All Started

The history of OCIA.net and my involvement with the site first dates back to December of 1998. I had always been interested in computers and begged my parents to buy me one, but considering we were “poor”, I never received one… not until 1998. My aunt and uncle are partly responsible for helping with the purchase of my first computer. The system was an AMD K62, 333 MHz 64 MB RAM, etc. I instantly fell in love with my new computer, regardless of the fact I barely knew how to turn it on much less operate it. But that didn’t stop me and soon enough I was reading tech sites and forums which introduced me to overclocking and case modding.

My second computer came less than a year later; a 500 MHz Slot A Athlon that I was able to take to 800 MHz. I was very pleased with the results and created a simple Geocities to showcase my results, titled Project 800 MHz. I soon replaced this chip with a 700 MHz processor that I was able to push to 1 GHz, and thus, Project1GHz.com was born.

I got a lot of great feedback from my first site and even did some reviews of products that I had purchased on my own. Around the same time, I met James Ebbs on a message board. He had started his own website, OCIA, around the same time I started mine.

He ran the site by himself, posting news and basic hardware reviews. Things were going good for the small site, occasionally having his reviews posted on [H]ardOCP and other large hardware sites.

James decided in December of 2000 that he wanted to enter the Air Force. Of course, someone was needed to take over the site. This is where Josh Fohrman comes in. Josh met James during an overclocking competition that was held at OCIA and they became good friends. Josh took over OCIA in Janurary of 2001, and I joined the site a few months later as Co-Owner, news guy, reviewer, etc.

My coming to OCIA closed Project1GHz. In January of 2002, Josh decided to part from OCIA and attempt his own online business. The site was thus passed down to myself. James has since reappeared on the scene, while still active in the USAF. Jeff, a news poster and occasional reviewer, also decided to leave the site, stating that he simply didn’t have enough time to do work on the site and be with his family at the same time.

I have been running OCIA.net ever since as the sole owner (I added the .net after the Organic Crop Improvement Association threatened us with trademark infringement). I currently have four staff members who help out with occasional reviews. And as many of you know, I recently took over running the site as my full time job and look forward to all of the opportunities it may bring!

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