Men and Poker Nights

Men and Poker Nights

For some men, knowing how to play poker is a basic requirement of being a guy. Anything can happen during a poker night. It is the best time for guys to just be care-free; a time to be themselves. It is not all about the money. It is not also about the food and drink. Well, okay, it may be a little about money, but not at all times. Poker nights can be a chance for men to celebrate manhood. Despite losing some amount of money when playing, many men still enjoy playing the game. As a matter of fact, spending time at poker nights is all about enjoying the company of your best buddies.

There are some men who love playing at online poker sites such as partypoker, especially after work just to relax their minds. But some men organize a “Poker Night” because they love the thrill that live poker games give. It’s best to set a date and place on when and where to hold the event and it is also necessary to set cash limits for betting to make sure that no one goes overboard on spending.

It is always important to establish the rules before each game starts. Make sure that everyone understands the rules of the game to avoid complaints from losing players. Most often than not, losing players will complain about not having clear rules. Make sure that each player gets the chance to play the game that they are good at. If at some point, a player or two does not know how to play a certain game, a practice hand can be played to make sure that everyone understands how the new game works. Keeping a rulebook nearby to minimize confusion while playing can help. Keep your cool and keep the atmosphere light by starting simple ice-breakers with other players.

If you have time, learn other poker games other than Texas Hold ‘Em, Omaha and Stud are some of the fun variations of poker and keeping a wide selection of poker games up your sleeves ensure that you will have variety for each poker night. Learning the different poker games can be fun when you do it online as it gives you basic instructions and tutorials if you’re unfamiliar with the rules. Repeating games is quite annoying; hence playing other poker games will make your night more enjoyable for everyone.

Above all, be man enough to take a bad beating. Remember that poker is a game which is full of great life experiences. Learn something from it when you lose a game. After every game, announce at the table that you had a great night with your buddies and make it a regular thing.

Review of Make Money Online: Roadmap of a dot com mogul

As an entrepreneur and avid follower of John Chow, I knew I wanted to read his book when it was released a few weeks ago. I had read his free eBook and wondered if it would be the same recycled content in print version. I’m glad to report that it isn’t.

John and I have a lot in common. We both got our start online around the same time by creating websites to show off our custom built computers. John went on to find huge success with his site before shifting gears and morphing into a blogging icon. I shadowed John and built a successful tech site that I still run today. I even created and authored this self-titled blog just like John. The stark difference between us is that he found great success with his blog and this blog ultimately failed for many of the reasons he lists in his book. Had I known then what I know now after reading this book, I certainly would have taken a different approach with my blog from the beginning and odds are, it would be making more money than ever.

In addition to just blogging, this book offers a lot of good general information on writing as well as networking and marketing. The two latter categories are just as, if not more important than writing skills. John details how to set up a Wordpress blog, which plug-ins to install and how to monetize your blog using several different revenue streams. Once you start making money, you can use techniques discussed in the book to optimize you advertising for maximum revenue.

The book isn’t limited to the Internet, however. John discusses several offline methods that you can use to promote your blog in the real-world. One key to a successful blog is using every tool available to you.

Some of the information in the book may seem like common sense but speaking as a failed blogger, methods and techniques only seem obvious once you know the proper way to do something.
John continues to be an inspiration and fuels the entrepreneurial fire within me. In fact, I registered a new domain name while reading the book and plan to get started on this new project very soon. If he can do it, why can’t anyone else?

If you are new to blogging or just want to make a little extra money with a blog you already run, I would certainly recommend you give Make Money Online a read.

My Final Blog Post…

for now, at least.

I’ve had a lot of fun updating this blog since I started it nearly three years ago, but the time has come (at least, for now) to move on.

I started this blog back in January 2007 after returning from my first ever trip to CES. As lame as it sounds, that trip literally changed my life and ultimately the direction I wanted to take it. I met some amazing people during and shortly after that trip that showed me anything was possible and I could make one of my dreams a reality.

This blog has been online and active for 2 1/2 years which is an eternity in the blogsphere. So why am I deciding to end it now?

The first reason is time, or lack of. I don’t seem to have as much free time as I did when I started this adventure. I have since moved backed closer to all of my friends and have taken on additional review opportunities online. This gives me less time to devote to the blog, which needs a lot of attention and dedication to be successful. Not only do you have to update your blog frequently, it is also important that you read other blogs and comment there as well. Stuff like this helps to drive traffic to your own site.

In what seems to make very little sense, now that I have moved closer to my friends, I tend to do less “exciting” things and thus, there really isn’t as much interesting stuff for me to post here. Blog posts used to come naturally and I always had something to talk about or an opinion to voice, but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. I guess you can say I got boring!

When I started this site, social networking was still relatively new. Now that Twitter and Facebook have changed the way we communicate and share information online, I can simply share my experiences through these mediums instead. Feel free to follow me on Twitter or add me as a friend on Facebook and I will do the same.

I still have a lot of things I want to accomplish and unfortunately this blog is at the bottom of the list. I toyed with the idea of monetizing this blog and changing its focus or even starting a new niche blog altogether, but as I have said in the past, that just didn’t feel right. There are a lot of things about blog marketing and such that I would have to research beforehand and again, I don’t have the time for that right now.

For now, however, I am just going to keep on keeping on and doing the things I love. I still love photography and will continue to post pictures on Facebook and Flickr. I’m still a big Dave Ramsey fan and hard at working paying off all of my old debt. Heck, I might even change my outlook on being single LOL.

All kidding aside, I want to thank everyone who has stopped by, read a post and commented on something here. I am certain the site wouldn’t have lasted this long had it not been for the reader participation during some of the blog’s more active times. I will be leaving the site online as I feel there are some valuable posts that others could learn from.

Final blog stats:

769 total posts

E3 Swag Winnings


Last month I was selected as the winner in Michael Kwan’s E3 Expo Swag Contest! Normally I don’t enter very many contests as my luck is less than stellar, but entry in this contest was very easy so I went ahead and threw my name in the hat. I had actually forgot all about the contest when I got the news that I had won heh.

Thanks again to Michael for hosting this contest. Now I just need to find some time to check out Battlefield 1943 :)

Collective Soul Concert


Last night Adam, Kiwi, Lexie and I went to the Collective Soul concert at Snowden Grove. They were originally scheduled to play last year but ended up canceling for some reason.

This was the first time I had been to the amphitheater and honestly I kinda expected it to be a little larger. We arrived just as Green River Ordinance was wrapping up their set. Surprisingly enough, Collective Soul went on before Gavin DeGraw. I would have guessed CS to be a larger draw than DeGraw, but I guess not. It ended up being for the better, as we all came to see Collective Soul anyway which meant less waiting and we got to leave early!


We found some pretty decent seats on the main concourse level, so nothing to complain about there. The seats directly in front of us were box seats and nobody claimed them, which meant there wasn’t a bunch of people blocking our view. I recorded a couple of my favorite songs which are posted below.

Overall their set was really good. There was maybe 1-2 songs that I wish they had played but other than that, it was very enjoyable. The lead singer Ed really puts some effort into his stage presence which can seem a bit odd at times lol. It was definitely worth the ticket price to see one of my favorite band play some of my favorite songs!

Fourth of July Fireworks

Each 4th of July, it seems we always end up watching a fireworks display somewhere. In 2007 and 2008 we ended up in downtown Memphis. This year, Adam, Kiwi and myself decided to try the Olive Branch City Park. It is much closer than downtown Memphis, much nicer, less crowded and has virtually no crime. It was rumored that the city spent 30 grand on the show, so it was expected to be entertaining.

We got to the park plenty early and found a nice spot to view the display. Seeing as I love photography, I was pretty excited to get some good photos, but that didn’t really happen. The park staff decided to leave the street lights on, so fail there. Also, it was pretty windy so 99% of the over 200 pictures I snapped turned out blurry and unusable. I managed to get a small handful that turned out semi-decent which I have posted below. You can click each photo for a larger version.

You would think that my fireworks pics would progressively get better over the years with experience but that hasn’t been the case. My 2007 set is by far the best and my favorite.

Either way, I had fun at the park and look forward to trying again next year.

The Montero Is Alive!

After months of being out of commission (one of this friend’s drove it into a telephone pole), Adam’s Montero is finally alive and running again. Adam did some pretty extensive body work a while back but never got around to fixing the engine until this past week. Somehow the only thing busted was the radiator, which is a pretty simple fix.

He was having some issues with the transmission but it just turned out that it was very flow on fluid. 3.5 quarts later and everything was golden. Below is a short video of the test run.

As you can see, it still isn’t quiet street legal just yet so it may be a bit before he can take it down to the woods for some fun. A front bumper, windshield, tags and insurance are all needed. A temporary bumper and windshield should be somewhat easy to come by at a junk yard and the other things are just a matter of money. Some big boy tires would also help to get through the mud but what he has now should be enough to at least make it to the sand bar.

Tunica Mud Riding

… although the title of this post SHOULD have been “Tunica Sand Bar Riding”.

Keith owns a ton of land in Tunica near the casinos. This was to be the perfect spot to take the go karts on their maiden voyage, but things didn’t go as planned (when do they ever?).

We initially planned to hit the sand bar on the banks of the Mississippi River, but a virtual swamp of mud and water was blocking the truck so we couldn’t get there. This, of course, after a fallen tree had to be removed without the aid of a chainsaw. We ended up hanging out in an open area then went back to the mud / water hole for some more fun. Below are some photos from Adam riding through the mud with his 4-wheeler (click the photo for a larger size).

Below is a short video that Matt recorded. I thought we had a lot more footage recorded but it seemed nobody could figure out how to operate the camera. Technology fail.

As mentioned earlier, the main purpose of the trip was to test out the two go karts. Keith was even brave enough to back his into the mud hole a few times…

And a video below…

Keith and Matt made a nice course to race on, but just as I was getting set up to record some video, disaster struck.

At the end of the video, you can see Keith stopped moving. This was because his entire steering assembly broke at the welds. Sad boosh.

His kart has since been fixed and we are hoping to take another trip down to the woods in a week or so.

Conan’s New Super Mario Bros. Set


Matt’s Built From Scratch Go Kart

A few weeks ago, Keith and Matt got the crazy idea that they wanted to build go karts. Matt already had most of the tools necessary for the build, but having never welded before, it was certainly going to be an interesting project.

The plan was for Matt to build his first as the prototype then they would likely have all of the kinks worked out when it came time to build Keith’s kart.


Here we have the frame already assembled and on jack stands.


These are some pretty decent welds for being a total n00b.


Matt drilling some holes for the back axle mounts.


LOL, yes that is a school desk. He found an old desk and hacked off the seat and welded it in place. No point in spending money for a seat if you can find one for free.


And finally, the finished product! Well sort of, it still needs a floor pan but that should be coming in the next week or so.

The steering shaft and support bars are hacked pieces from old bicycles and the “wheel” consists of two vertically-mounted handle bars. It might look funny, but it works!

The motor is only 6.5 HP but as you can see in the video below, it’s pretty quick. This wasn’t full throttle either.

Besides the floor pan, Matt is going to add a torque converter which will give it a lot more pep off the line. As is, its a little slow until the clutch locks and full power is put down. Either way, it’s pretty sweet and very cool for a built-from-scratch project.

Work started on Keith’s kart today and hopefully should be finished Saturday. The frame was built today and it’s already looking awesome!