Do You Use A Shredder?


With identity theft being such a big threat these days, it’s important that you take every precaution possible to make sure you are not a victim. 99% of cases I hear about lead directly back to the person and their stupidity.

Many stores and restaurants print out your full credit card number on the receipt. Do you just toss these in the trash when you get home?

Not me. I keep my shredder in the kitchen near the trash can and put any and everything through it: store receipts, credit card offers that come in the mail, voided checks, etc.

It amazes me how people can be so careless with their personal information. I have seen people just rip a receipt in half then trash it… yeah, your only hope is the thief can’t figure out how to put two pieces of paper together and get your credit card number. Even worse, I have found countless receipts just laying on the floor around campus, full name, card number and expiration date included. People this careless almost deserve what they sometimes get!

Do you use a shredder or some other means to destroy your personal information?

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  1. Bobs Said,

    Yes, Definitely. I spent a couple years working in Visa Card Fraud for a Financial Institution. So I do shred all that stuff, however, I do think that it sucks that we live in a day and age where its something that we have to do.

  2. Lulu Said,

    Yup I must admit I am a shredderholic. I not only shred everything but I separate the shredder trash into separate trash bins and then dispose of it. (can you say OCD?) I used to just throw everything away but then I read on someone’s blog about separating into different trash bins that are thrown out at different times to foil the identity thieves’ plans even more. I also don’t get receipts from the atm on the few occasions that I have to use it.