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OCIA.net T-Shirt Sample



I received the sample t-shirt in today. Everything looks great on the shirt. I will be tossing it in the washing machine tomorrow to see how it looks after a wash, and if all is well, they should be available for purchase very soon :)

BTW, I asked for an XL sample shirt and they sent a Small. Just my luck!

So, who all wants an OCIA.net T-Shirt?!

OCZ PC2-6400 Reaper Enhanced Bandwidth DDR2 Memory Review


Another day, another review! This time I take a look at OCZ PC2-6400 Reaper Enhanced Bandwidth DDR2 Memory. The Enhanced Bandwidth edition was just released and offers tighter timings compared to the regular version. This kit has great cooling and as you will read, overclocks very well!

T-Shirt Sample On The Way

Just a quick update on the new OCIA.net t-shirts. I have decided to once again go with Hacker Threads for production and distribution. These guys did the first batch of shirts a few years ago and I was impressed with the quality. I still have my old shirt hanging up in the closet!

Hacker Threads is sending over a sample shirt for me to check out. If all is well with the quality and such, I will give the green light for production and everything will be golden. You will be able to purchase your new OCIA.net shirt directly from the Hacker Threads website.



Of course, I will be ordering up a few extra shirts to give away to some lucky readers as well :)

Arctic Cooling Accelero S1 Review


The latest addition to OCIA.net, IvyBat, has completed his first review. If you are looking for a low-noise aftermarket cooler for your high performance video card, the Arctic Cooling Accelero S1 might be just what you need. Be sure to give it a look!

Best 3dfx Glide Games


“The year was 1998. It was Christmas time and I had just received my very first computer, an AMD K6-2 running at 333 MHz. Little did I know, from that day forward, my life would be changed forever. One of the first changes was my addiction from console games to PC games. Just a few months after owning my computer, I added a Diamond Monster II 3D graphics card based on the 3dfx Voodoo 2 chipset. This card was an absolute screamer and took my gaming experience to a whole new level.”

I just published my Best 3dfx Glide Games article a few minutes ago. Anyone who played computer games in the late 90s deserves to check this one out! It’s a walk down memory lane, that is for sure.

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Update on Redesign

I want to take a moment and thank everyone who applied for my website redesign job. I know I must have sounded like a complete n00b (which I am when it comes to that sort of thing - all I know is hardware) but I appreciate everyone taking their time to explain things and presenting their proposals.

I have selected a designer and am now moving forward with the process. I am expecting the new site design to be ready at the end of next month. This is an exciting time for me, as I hope the new design will be more user-friendly and less of an eye-sore :)

be quiet! 700w PSU Review


I just wrapped up my latest review. This time I took a look at the be quiet! 700w power supply. Was this unit able to power my highly overclocked 8800 GTX SLI test system? Check it out for all of the voltage results!

Today’s Digg


I am happy to report that my Apple iPhone vs Palm Treo 700p article managed to hit the front page of Digg.com today. The results were pretty amazing…


This is one of the “stronger” Diggs that my site has received. I was fully prepared for it, having upgraded my hosting package to a dedicated server which I was told would be able to handle future Digg’s without a problem.


And they lied right to my face! Needless to say I was a bit more than pissed off when the server crashed instantly and remained up / down / very slow for several hours afterwards. I pay a lot of money for this dedicated server, only to watch it all slip away when it crashes. I had certainly better receive a full refund for this month’s fees… oh, and does anybody know a decent, reliable hosting company that won’t crash on me under pressure?

Apple iPhone vs. Palm Treo 700p


I just posted my Apple iPhone vs. Palm Treo 700p article that I have been working on the past few days. In the article, I compare many of the iPhone features to what is currently available in the Treo 700p. The results just might surprise you!

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Redesign Progress

I am happy to report that progress is being made in the search for someone to redesign OCIA.net. I have been talking with a few different people over the past couple of days and am coming closer to making a decision about the future design / backend of the site. Thanks again to everyone who contacted me about the job!