Im Getting Old…

When you are young, a birthday is something that you always look forward to. Once you pass that prized 21 year mark, however, things don’t seem as important because, hey, there really isn’t much to look forward to; you are as “legal” as possible lol.

As each consecutive year passes, you find yourself thinking “wow, I’m getting old”. For me, today is that day, as I “celebrate” my 25th birthday.

I don’t really have any big plans, but I think Sarah and Kiwi are coming down and taking me to dinner, so that should be fun. Too bad you can’t buy alcohol here on Sundays heh.

Either way, I want to thank my pal over at betshopboy for buying me a beer! You can do the same by clicking the beer icon below (hint hint). :)

Maybe we should try the mini keg that Sarah bought last week…


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  1. Kattikawn Said,

    And a big happy birthday from me!

  2. Stephen Said,

    Happy Birthday. Drink. Pee. Repeat. ;)

  3. Michael Kwan Said,

    Happy birthday! Those mini kegs are fun, but the dispenser on them is sooo slow! And we all know that time is of the essence when you want to get hammered.

  4. Lisa Said,

    I think i have to move out of California unless they start making those here…

  5. Ryan McFarland Said,

    Well - you can rent a car now!